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After we have created your beautiful images at the shoot and I have edited each and every one, we will need to to turn them into timeless pieces of artwork for you to enjoy. How they are displayed is a decision we will make together, I will use my experience to advise you on how best to display a particular image or a collection of images, whether that be in a frame for your wall or in an album for your coffee table.

I have specifically chosen my product suppliers based on their high quality & the care they take with each and every piece they create.


I offer an array of frames from classic to contemporary & in a variety of colours which I can show you samples of during your viewing session.


QUEENSBERRY Q Books are premium quality art books with gorgeous features and accessories which create something truly unique. With their lay-flat art pages, matching suede thongs & sterling silver beads, they are a thing of beauty & the best way to display your collection of images.


QUEENSBERRY Q Boxes are ideal for the coffee table or bedside. These 10″x8″ matted prints are presented in a beautiful box which is fastened with a hidden magnetic catch, and has a ribbon inset so you can lift the prints out easily and come with ten matted prints.

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