Boudoir is a genre of photography which I am hugely passionate about for so many reasons.

As a photographer it gives me an outlet where I can truly be creative & produce stunning artwork. For you it will be one of the most uplifting & confidence boosting experiences of your life,  this means everything to me. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to give you this gift, which will stay with you for many years to come.

So that I could understand exactly how it feels to be photographed in such an intimate way, I have experienced a Boudoir shoot myself. I came out of the shoot with my self esteem boosted and now finally I have an understanding of how my Husband sees me, something which I had never understood before, only ever seeing my faults.

Why women decide to have a Boudoir shoot ranges from; a pre-wedding surprise for their Husband-to-Be, a milestone Birthday, or simply to celebrate where they are in life right at that moment.

The shoot can take place either in a boutique hotel or at your home if you so wish. I will arrange for you to have a professional Hair & Makeup Artist. We will chat about the tone & theme for the shoot. Decide on the right outfits & colours, so that on the day all you need to do is relax in the knowledge that I will use the most flattering poses & the light in such a way to complement & sculpt your beautiful form.

To book your Boudoir session & to discuss your ideas, please GET IN TOUCH