“How long does a shoot generally take?” Is something I’m often asked by my clients who are looking to have a family portrait shoot.

My answer is usually a couple of questions: “How busy is your schedule?” and “What kind of images do you want from the shoot?” Some people think you you need to have a full day set aside for a family photo shoot and ideally that would be perfect but in this day and age this is sometimes just not possible for those who have extremely busy lives and work schedules.

This shoot with the lovely Kirby family was one of those more time restricted shoots. The time we had was squeezed in between meetings, flights, a game of golf, more meetings and nap time for the little one.

All in all, we had around 17 minutes on the Jumeirah Beach, an amazing Dubai sunset, the Burj al Arab as our backdrop and a very kind, loving & happy family.

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destination photographer jumeirah beach family photographerdestination family photographerGemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai50 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai22 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai37 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai39 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai41 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai43 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai57 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai58 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai61 Gemma-Lovett-Hume-Photography-Kirby-Solomon-Family-Portrait-Dubai62

Destination Family Photographer at Jumeirah Beach