Wedding Photography Alnwick Gardens

After working with many wedding venues over the years, I have found that some are an absolute pleasure to work alongside and Alnwick Gardens is most definitely one of the those!

Recently, Alnwick Gardens asked me to photograph the versatility of the Pavilion and show exactly what can be created at this beautiful venue.

This is a gorgeous light and airy venue due to the glass roof & floor-to-ceiling windows making you feel like you are in the gardens themselves, and especially during the summer months when the glass doors can be opened up.

The pavilion was set up for a wedding with around 500 guests and they used all of the available areas with the expertise that only comes with knowing what your venue is capable of. The pavilion can of course be set up for more intimate weddings by using only one of the rooms and still giving enough space for that all important dance floor.

At this particular wedding a marquee had also been set up in the gardens  to utilise the stunning space outside as well as in.

Clearly, the gardens themselves are perfect for creating stunning wedding photography and there are certainly plenty of secluded areas for those all important couples shots too.

And to top it all off, the staff and the organisational skills of the wedding team make Alnwick Gardens a truly great wedding venue.

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