Welcome to your Wedding Day Questionnaire! It’s just a few weeks until your big day, and I hope you are finishing off your final details & enjoying the lead up with family & friends.

This document, which includes your timeline, helps me build the master schedule for the day and organise groups for formal portraits. It can be a useful document to share with those in the inner circle of your wedding plans, too — you will be sent a copy which you can email to those who need an in-depth look at the day.

Please send this back as soon as possible, so I can plan accordingly for your day.

If you need help with the timings or details of filling out this form, please let me know. We want to be sure to have our two minutes after the ceremony, ample time for family, wedding party and couple photos, plus some time with you two in the hour before sunset.








  • Please include or omit according to the plans of your day


    • - Please confirm permission for photographs to be taken during the ceremony
    • - Photographer's arrival & departure are to be within the allocated 10 hours, unless otherwise agreed prior to the wedding day
    • - Bridal Prep: please have jewellery, shoes & other accessories available for the photographer's arrival
    • - Bride to be dressed 30 minutes before leaving for the ceremony / meeting registrar if photographs are requested (Please advise makeup and hair stylist on your timing and allow 15 minutes to get dressed)
  • The photographers shall be granted artistic license in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. Due to the vagaries of the weather and the willingness of the subject/s it may not be possible to capture all of the images requested by the client. The photographer/s shall use all reasonable endeavours to take only those images specified by the client pursuant to the specification. Notwithstanding the provisions within this questionnaire for any reason, the photographer/s reasonably deem it unreasonable in the circumstances to take the images, which have been requested in the specification the photographer/s shall exercise their right to take such images, as they consider appropriate in the circumstances. If, in the reasonable opinion of the photographer/s the client does not provide a written list of sufficient detail to enable the photographers to comply with the specification (or the client does not supply such a list at all), within the timescale detailed in 'Timeline', then the photographer/s may exercise their discretion and take such images as agreed with the client. I/We agree that any additional images that we request over and above the recommended list above will form part of our final album selection.

    Your Photographer cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions not detailed in this document or provided in writing.

    Please use the verification below to confirm the information you have provided.